Chiak Simi?
(Translated as ‘What to eat?’)

‘Chiak simi?’ is the question we ask each other every day, the question our forefathers have been
asking for centuries. Chiak is our desire for a connection to our food identity and roots,
to embrace and elevate tradition for generations to come.

embracing  and  elevating
tradition  for  generations  to  come

At Chiak, we free tradition from geographical boundaries and celebrate Asian food as one.
We embrace and challenge all things traditional – especially our coffee. We source from Bali,
Indonesia and combine a divine blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. As most local ‘kopi’ is roasted
with sugar and margarine, we take it up a notch and roast them with luscious pure butter to bring
out rich caramel flavours and full-bodied taste – in addition to that it is free from trans fat.
Quality and goodness you can taste in every cup.


Our dedicated chefs marry the best of Asian flavours, cooking methods and ingredients and invite
you to get creative with your meal combinations. Design Your Own salad and noodle bowls with
Asian-inspired proteins and toppings. Or choose from our selection of sweet and savoury snacks,
breakfast bowls, toast and traditional coffee.

‘Chiak’ the right way, any time of the day!

We’d love for you to dine with us.

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